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holiday party post

Aphrodite's New York loft is done up to the nines.

The first good look as one enters is of twinkling Manhattan through the big windows, lights bright against a dark winter sky. The windows take up most of two walls; the rest of the space is largely empty, the star of the show a glowingly polished hardwood floor perfect for dancing.

There's a cluster of low-slung couches and chairs at one end of the room, velvet and leather and very inviting. They're situated by the fireplace, which lends them a cozy glow-- though it isn't cold anywhere in here, despite the windows.

Aphrodite is very proud of a few things about tonight:

1) The music, which spans a decent range of time periods and tempos, and will be playing for most of the evening.
2) The decorations, understated but quite lovely: softly glowing lights, silver and gold ribbons wound around columns and draped from the ceiling ... the occasional strategically placed bit of mistletoe.
3) Her dress.

And yes, darlings, there is a very well stocked bar and counter full of snacks.

That's what happens when you enlist the Three Graces to help you plan your shindigs.
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Re: Arrivals

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John comes through the door in his usual getup, sans bandoleer and weaponry. He pauses in the doorway as he take in the apartment, then enters, taking his hat off as he does so.

"Shoot. I underdressed."
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Re: Mistletoe

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And John is steering very clear of it, thank you miss.

(Seriously, Abigail would kill him.)
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Re: Lounging

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Well, John's not interested in the dance floor.

(Being married to a woman who in her bad moods is a force of nature will do that to you.)

So right now he's kicked back on the couch, his hat in his lap as he watches the fire.
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Re: Food and Drink

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John's tried out some of the fruit, and now he's moved on the experimenting with the cheeses, particularly different combinations of cheese and dip.

From the look on his face, it's been hit-and-miss so far.
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Re: Dance Floor

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Voodoo's on the pole.

(Yes, you read that right.)

It's born out of as much a natural curiosity as anything else. He doesn't really know it, but he's in the middle of a Chinese Flag Contortion - his build is lean, first and foremost, so he doesn't have much trouble at all moving through the space.
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Re: Arrivals

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Iris and Charles arrive side-by-side, both slightly off-kilter given the novelty of traveling to another plane.

"This is New York..." Iris drifts off, eyes immediately going to the window. "How high up are we?"

"The name 'skyscraper' is well-earned," is all Charles offers, taking off his coat along with Iris' wrap to drop them off.
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Re: Dance Floor

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Charles doesn't recognize most of the songs being played but he will get Iris onto the floor.

This party was just what he needed, the general level of contentment and lust floating around along with his pleasant buzz and Iris is perfect.
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Re: Arrivals

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X slips through the door, fingers twined with Bruce's for at least as long as the transition lasts.

Just in case.

She's wearing a black leather dress, with her usual fingerless black gloves and black combat boots. Under the dress she's wearing biker shorts.

Again, just in case. It is always better to be prepared.
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Re: Arrivals

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"Well. Seems I still have some luck, then."

Still, he feels awful guilty.

He offers her his hand. "Pleasure to meet you, ma'am. My name's John Marston."
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Re: Arrivals

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Howard is never nervous about anything.

But he is a bit wary about apparently coming into the future. Suppose he can't find his way back. Suppose it's too strange.

No, that can't happen. He's Howard Stark, after all.

And the future looks quite well appointed.
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Re: Arrivals

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Oh, hey, look at that dapper mofo waltzing in right now.

(He's got a rose in hand. Naturally. Why mess with the classics, right?)
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Re: Dance Floor

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His first thought about the music is uncharitable.

So are his second and third.

It's only after the twelfth song that someone finally has the good sense to play something by Glenn Miller. What a relief.

Now all he needs is a young woman to cut a rug with.
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Re: Arrivals

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John nods. "That I did, ma'am. You must be Aphrodite."

Oh, yes. Miss Barlow would definitely get a kick out of this.