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Aphrodite has been feeling hungry for gossip.

Well, 'hungry' may be too strong a term. Peckish, perhaps. In need of a light nibble. And, since there is no place in the manifold universe better for the acquisition of interesting tidbits than Milliways, she's sitting at the Bar with a fragrant drink that seems primarily to involve whiskey, cherry, and orange bitters.

She has on a sleek black trenchcoat (for secrecy) and a pair of high high heels (for the femme fatale in her).
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The front door opens and admits one Titan, currently swathed in a thick denim-and-shearling jacket and with snow in his hair and on his shoulders.

Makes a change from hay, anyway.

He heads for the Bar without looking around much; he's got something bundled under his jacket.
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Well . . .

"Whiskey for me and some formula for her, please, Miz Bar."

Does a bedraggled, squeaky kitten count as a date? Because that's what he produces from under his jacket.
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"Don't think anyone gave her a name, yet," he says, amiable as you please, picking up the kitten-sized bottle Bar has provided. "Hiya, Aphrodite."
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Miss Thing opens her mouth very wide and gives Aphrodite a very pathetic squeaky meeeew.

"She'll be okay once she gets some food in her," Epimetheus predicts, scooping her up in one hand. "C'mere, Miss Thing."
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"Horse farm outside South Bend. Someone left her in a box at the end of the driveway. Owners say it happens a lot."
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Sadly, he probably puts too much pomade in his hair to make it all the way to Your L. L. Bean Boyfriend, but it's true he fits the general mold.

"Yeah," he says, fond. (Miss Thing has closed her eyes and is nursing away contentedly.) "You know anyone looking to adopt?"
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He chuckles. "Yeah, I'd think she'd take her, but she's got enough animals on her plate already, I'd say."
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"Ah, well. I'll find someone around here who's looking for a pet. Shouldn't be hard."
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"--Beg pardon?"

Because he rescued a kitten??

Look, he thinks a lot of bad things about Aphrodite, but he doesn't think that badly of her. Or didn't.
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Epimetheus blinks at her.

Looks left.

Looks right.

"I'm not following."
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". . . Are you critiquing my game? Is that what's going on here?"
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Epimetheus frowns at her.

"Hey, now. I do not have any game with River. No gaming. Period."

It'd be like flirting with Medusa. Or Lethe. Just. No. Ew. What? No.
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"Who, Matt?" He shrugs one shoulder. "Haven't seen him in a while.

". . . You are trying to set me up, aren't you."

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