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Aphrodite Dionaea ([personal profile] callipygos) wrote2015-02-27 08:46 am


Aphrodite has been feeling hungry for gossip.

Well, 'hungry' may be too strong a term. Peckish, perhaps. In need of a light nibble. And, since there is no place in the manifold universe better for the acquisition of interesting tidbits than Milliways, she's sitting at the Bar with a fragrant drink that seems primarily to involve whiskey, cherry, and orange bitters.

She has on a sleek black trenchcoat (for secrecy) and a pair of high high heels (for the femme fatale in her).
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The front door opens and admits one Titan, currently swathed in a thick denim-and-shearling jacket and with snow in his hair and on his shoulders.

Makes a change from hay, anyway.

He heads for the Bar without looking around much; he's got something bundled under his jacket.