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Name:Aphrodite Dionaea
A lady doesn't kiss and tell, I'm afraid.

But I think I could swing a kiss.

[For more information on Aphrodite, click here for her entry on As an additional warning, Aphrodite is a huge brat with a history of creative vengeance, so, uh ... you don't insult her hair, and she'll see her way towards not inflaming you with lustful passion for a cuttlefish.

notes on aphrodite

+ Will your character be attracted to her? Maybe and maybe not, but if they have any kind of appreciation for the female form, odds are high they'll at least take notice.

+ Aphrodite does have a magical girdle that makes her irresistible to everyone except the virgin goddesses Artemis, Hestia, and Athena. If she chooses to wear it, your character's orientation will not actually matter in terms of being attracted to her ... but that's negotiable, and I'm unlikely to EP her in her girdle except for purposes of a specific thread or plot.

+ Aphrodite has favorite mortals, some of whom are men and some of whom are women. Being one of Aphrodite's favorites is not necessarily a fun thing. For more information, ask Helen of Troy!

[disclaimer: Aphrodite is a goddess of the Greek pantheon and therefore not mine. I am but the lowly mortal [personal profile] ladysingsthe, and am borrowing her (along with Li Bingbing, Paz Vega, Scarlett Johansson, and Mallika Sherawat) for all fun and no profit at mixed_muses and potentially milliways_bar.]

Interests (11):

antheia, boys, dancing, dating advice, girls (who knew), helen of troy, idalia, love, pandemos, sex, walk walk fashion baby
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