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seattle, wa - 2013

There's a chill seeping into the air, and a fog drifting down from the mountains, and everywhere in this city, people look out at the damp streets and roll their eyes over the sudden absence of summer.

On this particular night, at a lone stool in a darkened bar, there sits a woman with hair as golden as a sunrise.

Her drink is mostly water by this time. People turn to look at her, men and women both, but even the men seem to know not to speak to her. There is a stage taking up one end of the space, on which a girl in blood-soaked white is doing a slow striptease.

The burlesque is pretty good tonight. With Stephen King as source material, Aphrodite wasn't quite sure what to expect, but she thinks the girl dancing Carrie is doing a lovely job. It's hard to be sexy when covered in pig's blood.

... At least, unless your significant other is into that.

Meanwhile, the ice in her glass continues to melt.
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"And you don't remember?"

So weird.

"Whatever. Look, okay, let me see if I'm following you here."

He starts ticking off points on his fingers. "One, you're not like you were back in the glory days. Two, you met some people who think you are like you were back in the glory days. Three, they ask you for stuff like the glory days, but don't actually expect anything of you because they'll be happy just 'cause you're around. Four, you can't give them what they ask for like you once could, so you freak out and go date a supermodel who's got the flu."

Or something, whatever, metaphors aren't his strong suit.

"So you feel bad because you can't help them the way you think they wanna be helped, and they feel bad because you're not around -- presumably -- and ultimately everyone feels like shit because unfortunately, Ambologera, even we get old."


"Did I get it?"
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Epimetheus looks absurdly pleased with himself.
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"Aww, and I was on such a roll, too."
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"I don't know." He shrugs, finishes off his first beer, and picks up the second. "I'm a hell of a lot better at running away than dealing with shit."
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"You're not happy here, are you?"
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A shrug.

"So go back. Do what you can for them. What's--" He stops, snorts. "I can't believe I'm saying this to you, but what's the worst that could happen?"
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He rolls his eyes.

"It's doing that over there anyway. Try again."
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He frowns. "For the mortals you've taken a shine to? Or like, everything everything?"
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"Well, your track record is mostly pretty okay, right?" he says, diplomatically. "I mean you have your high points. I mean usually, usually the worst that happens to people in love is they get their hearts broken."

. . . That was supposed to end as diplomatically as it began, but he may have missed the mark a tad.
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Defensively: "What?"
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He wrinkles his nose.

"Don't get me wrong, Aphrodite, I find many things you've done totally reprehensible. But . . ." He heaves a sigh. "I guess you're technically good at, like, what you do."
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Epimetheus groans.

"Please don't."

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